AXZ-Plan Vehicle purchase program offers the most savings on Ford Motor Company vehicles for current employees, retirees, as well as immediate family and friends. Bill Brown Ford has been serving Metro Detroit (including Canton, Farmington Redford, Redford, Westland, Novi, and Ann Arbor) as the best destination to provide more Ford A-Plans and Ford X-Plans to customers than any other Michigan dealership.

How can you be eligible for Ford’s A/Z and X Plan pricing? You must have a relationship with Ford Motor Company/Lincoln employees or partners.

How to calculate Ford A-Plan and Ford Z-Plan Pricing in Livonia, MI

Ford’s A-Plan discounts are intended for employees and their immediate family members. Ford Z-Plan benefits are for retirees and their surviving spouses. How is your employee discount calculated? Invoice – Holdback – Advertising Fee + $275 program fee.

Eligible Ford A-Plan and Z-Plan employees and retirees can generate up to four PINs within a calendar year to be used for a discount on new leased or purchased vehicles. Who is eligible for Ford A-Plan and Z-Plan employee benefits?

Qualified immediate family members include:

  • Spouse
  • Parents & Spouse’s Parents
  • Brothers and sisters (including half and step, and in-laws)
  • Sons and daughters (including half and step, and in-laws)
  • Grandparents & Spouse’s grandparents
  • Grandchildren

How to calculate Ford X-Plan Pricing in Livonia, MI

Ford’s X-Plan employee benefits are intended for Friends, Neighbors, and Ford Motor Company Partners through the Partner Recognition Program. How is your Ford X-Plan discount calculated? Invoice – 0.4% + $275 program fee.

As the largest Ford AXZ Plan dealership in the country, Bill Brown Ford is available to answer your questions. You can visit their website for more common Q&As and obtain your PIN by logging on to www.fordpartner.com or calling 734-237-3832. Stop by Bill Brown to explore the best Ford Escape lease deals and specials.