What is the Ford A Plan, and what are its benefits? 

Ford’s A Plan offers the best savings available on a new Ford vehicle to employees, retirees, and immediate family members. Ford Motor Company employees and retirees receive four personal identification numbers (PINs) each year that they can use or give to their immediate family to purchase discounted vehicles through Ford AXZ Plan Pricing. AXZ Plan incentives can be combined with other eligible discounts. Please contact your local Ford Dealership to discuss which current specials, deals, and offers are qualified in combination of AXZ Plan Pricing.

How Does Ford A Plan Pricing Work? 

  1. An eligible employee obtains their Personal Identification Number- A Personal Identification Number (PIN) can be obtained by calling 1-877-XPLAN-00.
  2. Visit a local Ford dealer to identify as a Ford AXZ Plan participant or partner to receive the qualifying discount.
  3. Select a participating vehicle from current inventory on the lot or custom order a new eligible Ford Car, Truck, SUV
  4. Arrange for delivery or pick up through the dealership- Its that easy! 

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