In June 2021, Ford increased vehicle incentives for new models by introducing the Retail Order Bonus Cash certificate. This certificate was created to encourage customers to order or reserve a vehicle in response to the shortage of semiconductor chips, which has hampered inventory and production since the beginning of COVID-19. Ford’s new offer is entirely different from its previous incentives this summer.

CarsDirect reported that the new Ford incentive offers a $2,000 discount to customers who buy an in-stock vehicle instead of ordering one. It is currently available through November 1 st. The “21MY In-Stock Customer Satisfaction Private Offer” is valid for customers with a verified unscheduled “21MY retail order.” However, a few models are exempt from the offer, such as the Ford BroncoFord MaverickFord F-150 LightningFord F-150 Tremor, and Ford E-Transit.

This private offer will not be publicized and appears limited to people who have an unscheduled, current order in Ford’s system. Any deal is welcome in an environment where automakers are cutting incentives while the global chip shortage continues. Ford is aiming to move toward a more built-to-order model. However, Ford’s order banks currently contain over 70,000 vehicles. Therefore, this plan is not expected to take over anytime soon. 

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